Expert Co Active Coach in helping you master and improve patterns and behaviours that impact your every day life.

Jo Barnett

Jo Barnett’s background


Jo specialises in working with men and women who have the normal everyday challenges that life brings.

Jo has a unique gift to get to the route of the problem using intuitive coaching, hypnotherapy techniques and much more.

Jo’s Experience


As one of the leading relationship coaches in the UK Jo has more than fifteen years of therapy and academic experience during which time she has successfully helped thousands of people from all over the world. She is particularly known for her intuition and speedy diagnosis of personal issues and behavioural change across the entire spectrum. 

‘The main shift has been in me, I was in a really bad place and my confidence was on the floor.  Our conversation was like kick starting my mojo and I came out of a meeting  suddenly feeling 10 feet tall again!  My shifting belief in confidence is having a positive impact on my team, friends and at some point a new lady!’  

‘Jo you have a gift for unlocking and releasing the very being of best qualities of the people you touch.  Thank you and you are amazing.’

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