Time means something to all of us, how will you use yours?

Time means something to all of us.

Time seems to be flying by at the moment, the days roll into one and before you know it we have the weekend again.  Within weeks we will be getting back into ‘normal life’ and this time in isolation will be a distant memory.

What will you be remembering from your time in lock down?

I know that I will remember the time that I spent reaching out to people, reminding them that there is always someone to listen.

I will remember the zoom classes and seeing the faces of my clients, at home and keeping themselves busy, all going through a unique journey.

I will remember the friends that were there for me and to whom I chatted to most days and for that I am so grateful.

Mostly I want to remember that we are all responsible for taking care of each other, family, the elderly, our neighbours, and I hope that the communities we have all build stay with us long after lock down ends.

Going into the last few weeks of this unique situation, you have an opportunity to create a unique change, for yourself and for others.

What will that change be?

What do you want to take from this time in isolation and keep going?

What is the lesson you learnt?

What are YOU grateful for?

Yesterday I put on some of my favourite tunes and danced around the room, it reminded me how much I love to dance and how grateful I am for that.   Music really can lift your mood instantly, try it this weekend.

I am here for all of you and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.

With love


Jo Barnett

Dating Coach/ Relationship Expert





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