What will you choose today as we face more uncertaintly ?

What will you choose today

Nearly three weeks into isolation and I want to check in with you, and see how you are doing?  I know that for all of us it’s a strange and scary time, for ourselves and for our loved ones, not forgetting those people who are victims of this deadly disease that has stopped all our lives, temporarily.

With little choice in the matter we have been confined to our homes, and outdoors for exercise only.  What does this mean to you?  I am curious as to how you are currently feeling about your daily lives.  Are you content in your own little bubble, getting on with work perhaps, house hold chores, kids, neighbourly watch?  Or are you spending most of your time in anger and resentment at the situation, desperately wanting it to stop?

Whether we choose it or not we have been given a huge chunk of time to fill as we please, within reason. Some will be painting and gardening, cooking and cleaning, reading and splurging on Netflix.  A little of what you fancy does not do anyone any harm and I am certainly indulging in most of the above activities!

However there is much more available to you if you choose it and I want to share this with you.  For the first time in our lives we see that we are not infallible and that there are some things that we cannot control, that money cannot buy, like our health.  Yes we can wear masks and gloves and wash our hands, but that only cleans the outside of us, what about the inside?

For those who believe that there is some greater force out there, bigger than us, in some form or other, call it God, call it spirituality, the light, whatever you choose.  For those of us who choose it, we can look a bit deeper, and have an internal spring clean!

How we do this is by asking ourselves very basic questions such as, what am I proud of in my life? What am I doing well?  How are my relationships? Where am I responsible for fall out or unnecessary gossip?  What feels good to me, on the inside and where can I do better?

We go further and challenge ourselves by taking a small steps and choosing one character trait that we want to work on.  One of the character traits that is a push for me is patience, all around, with my family, my friends, and even with a partner.  I am currently at home solely with my two teenagers, just us, through this whole period.  I sit down to meals and see my daughters face when she doesn’t like what I’ve cooked, and hear my son answering back at me when I ask him to go to sleep at night.

I want to shout back and behave like a child, this is my instinct, and sometimes I will do, just because no one is perfect.  Luckily I am on this planet to grow and better myself, so I choose to work on my patience and I look the other way, sometimes.  I ignore the rude comments and the sharp looks that only a teenager can give and I walk away, sometimes.  Knowing that they too are going through  their own struggles and temporary losses.

This period of our lives will be over one day, and we will be left with the results of what we put into it.  I hope to come out of this with more patience, empathy, and a best seller!

What do you choose?

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With Love

Jo Barnett

Life Management Coach/ Relationship Expert