Why are there so many gorgeous women settling for dead end relationships?

Why are there so many gorgeous women settling for dead end relationships?

That’s the question I have been asking myself this week as I look around and see these strong, confident, gorgeous women who have everything accept one major attribute, their self-esteem.

From the earliest age of childhood we decide if we are worthy of love and what kind of love we deserve.  By the age of seven you will have decided just how love worthy you are dependent on the unconditional love you were shown by your parents will form your view of yourself.

My clients that come to me with low levels of confidence and self-esteem fit the above pattern, and they are still struggling to feel that they are enough, lovable and worthy.  Men and women can spend their lives not really feeling that they deserve a healthy relationship and often they have not seen a healthy relationship from their parents and this certainly does not help!

The good news is that you can retrain yourself, learn it for yourself, study it and become more self-aware.   As I said to one of my ladies today, it is not the man’s responsibility to look after your feelings, it’s yours.  Your feelings are so precious, you could not put a price on them, you would not give your feelings away for all the jewels in the world so why would you even think of handing them over to one man?

It is possible to turn your luck around and to find a healthy relationship, to feel love and to have excellent self-esteem.   First you must take the power back and become the captain of your ship, notice the current at sea, choose your direction, take responsibility for the journey that is YOUR LIFE and don’t settle for anything less.

I am passionate about helping my clients find their way as I have done for myself, the journey was not always smooth, there were plenty of obstacles in the way, but the rewards of my efforts are something that will stay with me for ever and it’s what I am the most proud of.

Through my coaching skills and intuition I am able to share this work with you and take you on YOUR journey.

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With love on this rocky and wet weekend

Jo Barnett


Relationship Expert and Life Management Coach